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Multiple node js same machine

Installation of NVM


Download the latest version of NVM

Download and install on the windows

Verify Installation

nvm version

Using curl
curl -o- | bash

Using Wget
wget -qO- | bash

Verify Installation
command -v nvm

Get a List of all available NodeJs versions
nvm  ls available //windows

nvm ls-remote //MacOs/Linux

Install latest NodeJs version

nvm install node

Install latest LTS Release

nvm install --lts

Install particular NodeJs version

Multiple NodeJs version can be installed using the below command.

nvm install 8.11.1 // to install the 8.11.1 version

nvm install 12.13.1 //to install the 12.13.1 version

UnInstall the multiple NodeJs version

nvm uninstall 8.11.1

Switching the NodeJs version

Get a List of installed NodeJs version

nvm list  //for windows

nvm ls //for MacOs/linux

nvm list

Switching Between installed NodeJs Versions

nvm use 8.11.1  //To enable 8.11.1

nvm use 12.13.1 //To enable 12.13.1

Use Custom alias for installed NodeJs versions

We can create an alias as per the Project basis or the group of projects using the same NodeJs version.

nvm alias awesome-project 12.13.1

After creating an alias, then switch to the alias

nvm use awesome-project

Remove the Alias

nvm unalias awesome-project

Run to specific NodeJs version, without switching

nvm run 8.11.1 app.js

or can be used below command

nvm exec 8.11.1 node app.js

Other Commands

To use installed nodeJs version in the system

nvm use system

To completely remove nvm from the system.

nvm unload